If you really love me, shoot your junk on my face.

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Proper form. Dedication. Discipline.

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Featured Blogger week in review from Last Wednesday’s Featured Blogger: FratGuyHugeDick / I May Have a Boner  1

Wanna be a Featured Blogger? I am, as always, lookin’ for ‘em. There’s a FAQ HERE that will tell you everything about how to become one. Or, just askmessage me via Tumblr, or email me at CorbeauXtube@Gmail.com.

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lost in lust for the Man’s cock

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"Thanks for comin’ to the gym with me dude… whoa! You’re boned in the lockerroom man! What do ya mean ‘you took too many viagra pills’? Looks painful… come here dude, I know what to do… I’ve got real smart buds, they told me if I ever came across a viagra overdose, the only thing to do is suck out a load… *lick, slurp* just one load… then you’ll be OK… nah dude, it aint gay or anythin’… just, you know, don’t jizz in my mouth, hah… and let me know if someone walks in, yeah? *SLURP*"

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